Kwajalein Facts

As we have been preparing to move, we have been learning as much as we can about our new home.  Internet searches, encyclopedias, and asking our island sponsor questions are the main ways that we have gathered information.  To save you from these somewhat time consuming activities, we decided to get together and give you a list of facts about Kwajalein Atoll.

Let’s start with the location:

  • Latitude and Longitude: 9.353 degrees North, 167.496 degrees East
  • It is about 2100 miles southwest of Hawaii and 1400 east of Guam
The Marshall Islands:
  • The Marshall Islands is a country made up of many islands 
  • Kwajalein Atoll is an atoll that is part of the Marshall Islands 
  • Kwajalein Island (aka Kwaj) is the island in the atoll that we will be living on
Kwajalein Atoll Facts:
  • The largest coral atoll in the world, it is made up of 97 islands surrounding 8137.1 square miles (21,075 square kilometers) of water (
  • It contains a $4 billion US missile defense and tracking facility – Kwaj is a part of this, along with Roi
Kwaj Facts:
  • We have heard different sizes for the island itself, the most common size seems to be 1 mile by 4 miles, with the thinnest part of the island being only 1/2 mile wide
  • There are wild geckos on the island, yay for built in pest control!
  • There is a turtle pond, where you can feed lettuce to sea turtles
  • There are lots and lots of coconut trees – we are looking forward to trying fresh coconut!
  • Kwaj has no privately owned motor vehicles.  The plan is to get kick-boards (i.e. non-motorized scooters) for most of us
  • The annual rainfall is ~100 inches, 72% of that occurs during the wet season from mid-May to mid-November
  • The US dollar is the currency of the Marshall Islands (makes our lives a lot easier)
  • There are two movie theaters on the island!  One is open air, they suggest bringing a rain coat…
Weather Facts:
  • Average daily maximum temperature: 86 degrees
  • Average daily minimum temperature: 77.6 degrees
  • Average relative humidity ranges from 78% to 83%
  • Average wind speed (dry season): 17 mph
  • Average wind speed (wet season): 12 mph
  • Prevailing winds from the East/Northeast
That is just some of what we have learned so far, but we don’t want to overwhelm you.  🙂  As you can see, we are really enjoying learning about our new home and can’t wait to experiences all of this for ourselves!

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